Masonry Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning for Building Restoration in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Chemical Cleaning is the method of removing dirt, paint and staining to brick houses, walls and stone buildings. Specially formulated brick cleaning chemicals are applied to the surface and then rinsed off using cold or hot high pressure water. The chemicals breakdown and dissolve the dirt, paint or staining to ensure the brick or stone is revealed to it's full glory. We believe this process to be both a time and cost effective way to improve the appearance of any property and also adding value.

This is an environmentally friendly way of brick and stone restoration and is also very effective for the following;

  • Efflorescence - Efflorescence is caused by excess moisture from an external source causing salts to be deposited on the surface of masonry. These deposits are visually unattractive and in most cases can be successfully removed and even neutralised by chemical cleaning.
  • Mortar Staining - Potential attractive brickwork can be spoiled by poor quality smeared pointing, accidentally damaged pointing affected by rain when still wet, or just through poor workmanship. In either case the chemical cleaning method can reveal the original brickwork.
  • Paint Removal - Brick or stone that has been painted can be removed to reveal the originally intended unpainted presentation. Painted areas to be stripped are assessed, the surrounding areas of windows are sheeted and specially formulated paint stripping chemicals are applied in order to break down or dissolve the paint. The substrate is then washed off using either a hot or cold high pressure wash system to remove all chemicals.
  • Mismatching Brickwork - Cleaning the original brickwork to which an extension is constructed in new brickwork can very frequently blend the whole area together and give a satisfactory visual appearance at very little cost. Alternatively the mismatching bricks can be dyed or toned down to blend in. We recommend that the original building is cleaned to reveal the true colour, and then choose the bricks to match this correct original appearance.
  • Graffiti Removal - Graffiti can often be unsightly and desperately difficult to remove. Advanced Blast and Chemical Cleaning have a fully skilled team with the right equipment and technology to ensure graffiti removal is an effective and effortless process. Graffiti removal is often a core component of any re-generation or cleaning project and we ensure the removal of even deep stains from most substrates that have previously thought to have been permanent, can be achieved. This is performed without the need to use aggressive chemical bases which ensure an effective, safer option in graffiti removal.

View Building before chemical cleaning
View Building after chemical cleaning
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View Cottage before chemical cleaning of stone work
View Cottage after chemical cleaning of stone work
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View Graffiti gone after chemical cleaning
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View Home after chemical cleaning
View Chemical cleaning of stone building
View Stone cleaning of old buildings in Chesterfield and Sheffield
View Rother Valley Campus before chemical cleaning
View Rother Valley Campus after chemical cleaning
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View After terrace house chemical cleaning
View Before and after building chemical cleaning in Chesterfield
View Chemical cleaning in action in Chesterfield
View Chemical cleaning of brickowrk in Chesterfield
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